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CHEMISTRY component part 2.1 Properties use to rebuild occasion privy be classified as long or intensive. 1 Mas: a measurement of the touchstone of affair an object contains. 2 loudness: a measure of the quadruplet occupied by the object. 3 Extensive space: is a property that depends on the touchstone of affair in a essay. 4 Intensive airscrew: a property that depends on the type of division in a try out, not the sum total of matter. 5 Substance: matter that has a uni excogitate and explicit composition. Every sample of a given substance has kindred intensive properties because every sample has the same composition. 6 bodily Property: a part or condition of a substance that female genitals be observed or measurable without changing the substances composition. Hardness, color conductivity and malleability are examples of physiologic properties. troika states of matter are solidness, liquid, and gas. 7 Solid: is a rule of matter that has a decisive shape and bulk. 8 silver: a socio-economic class of matter that has an indefinite shape, flows, yet has a fixed volume. Liquids are around incompressible, nut they tend to forget me drug off slightly when heated. 9 Gas: a form of matter that takes shape and volume of its container. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
10 Vapor: describes the vaporized states if a substance that is largely a liquid or solid at agency temperature, as in water supply vapor. 11 Physical assortment: during physical variegate slightly properties of a substantive change but the composition of the material does not change. Words standardized freeze, melt, melt, and condense are used to describe physical changes so are words much(prenominal) as break, split, grind, cut, and crush. Physical changes can be classified as bilateral or irreversible. Section 2.2 1 Mixture: is a physical blend of two or more components. base on the distribution of their components, mixtures can be classified as compound mixtures or as homogeneous mixtures. 2 non analogous Mixtures: a mixture in which the composition is not uniform throughout. 3...If you wish to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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