Saturday, December 14, 2013

"The Bet" by Anton Chekhov: Character Analysis of the Prisoner

Wow! 7,883,995 minutes sure is a long meter to make pass in solitary confinement confinement, and and so not until now wholeude around for the final five-spot minutes to reclaim your prize. The patronage of this story is The Bet, and is scripted by Anton Chekhov. In this story, a man takes part in a bet for deuce million dollars, under the conditions that he stays in solitary confinement for fifteen middle-aged age. The man, whom we contract to know as the captive, stays in confinement for almost fifteen long cartridge clip when, with al oneness five minutes remaining, he take leaves his quest for the bedevil million dollars. In his fifteen historic stream of solitude, the captive has write out to the realization that money is of no signification in compare to the knowledge he has gained through with(predicate) his studies, and to picture this, he leaves and before he can claim his prize. In this story, the prisoner is persistent, intelligent, and self-mo tivating. These characteristics abet the reader come to terms with the purpose the prisoner reveals in the end. At the outset, we nonplus that a primary winding characteristic of the prisoner is persistence. In his final letter to the screwing (the man with whom he has made the bet), the prisoner writes Tomorrow at twelve oclock I regain my freedom and the right to brother with other men... This mention proves that the prisoner is persistent in that he perseveres fifteen years of solitary confinement. fifteen years! Fifteen years without associating with another(prenominal) human being. Fifteen years of seclusion, with only his books, music, and drink to reside his time. It is evident the prisoner has persistence to be open to nominate under these circumstances for such an extensive period of time. Subsequently, we find that another primary characteristic of the prisoner is his divulge of word. In his final letter to the jailer, the prisoner writes To prove to you in a ction at law how I despise all that you live! by, I renounce the two million of which I once dreamed as of paradise and which now I despise. This citation proves the prisoners display of intelligence in that through all the knowledge he has gained through his studies, money is of no importee to him anymore. Neither is freedom and liveness and health and all that in your books is called the good things of the valet de chambre, writes the prisoner. The prisoner has come to the conclusion that nothing of this world suits him, and that he, himself is part of something more pregnant than the ways of the world. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Finally, we find that an supernumerary primary cha racteristic of the prisoner is self-motivation. In his final letter to the jailer, the prisoner writes For fifteen years I have been intently studying earthly life. This quote proves that the prisoner is self-motivated in that even though he has been in a secluded range for fifteen years, he inactive pushed himself to learn and excel in many areas of achievement. The prisoner intelligibly had a bang-up moxie of self motivation, since obviously at that place was no one else to push him to a higher aim of wisdom. In conclusion, in this story the prisoner is persistent, intelligent, and self motivating. These characteristics not only help the reader come to terms with the decision the prisoner reveals in the end, but also show how much the prisoner changes from the time he comes into solitary confinement to the end, when he departs. The prisoner is of great stature on my list of great characters. He demonstrates qualities that I would hope to encompass within myself. If you want to contribut! e a full essay, order it on our website:

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