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Assignment 1 ---------BT Rules--------- For nuclear weights use the periodic bound 1. How more rupees are in a mole of rupees? How many an(pre no.inal) thousand-rupee notes is that mole of rupees equal to? 2. NO2 is the molecular(a) formula for nitrous dioxide (also experience as nitrogen dioxide). 3. C2H2 is the molecular formula for ethylyne (A.K.A. alkyne). (a) How many atoms are in one tinge? (b) Which atoms make up alkyne? (c) How many moles of atoms are in one molecule of alkyne? (d) How many molecules are in 5.3 moles of alkyne? (e) How many atoms are in a mole of ethyne? 4. account the molar hoi polloi of a mole of the pursuance materials: (a) Al (b) Ra (c) Co (d) CO (e) carbon dioxide (f) HCl (g) Na2CO3 (h) Ca(NO3)2 (i) (NH4)3(PO4) (j) pee (k) Epsom salts - Mg(SO4)7H2O (m) blue invective - Cu(SO4)5H2O ? 5. expect the function of moles in: (a) 2.3 g of carbon (b) 0.014 g of field shot (c) a 5 g silver trinket (d) a pound of fudge salt (e) a 350 kg moulding iron (f) a liter of water (g) a net gross long net ton of sand (SiO2) (h) 6.2 grams of blue vitriol (i) a pound of Epsom salt ? 6. drive the number of atoms in: (a) deoxycytidine monophosphate g of Argon (b) 1.21 kg aluminum foil (c) a 28 g sample brick (d) the 107 kg of water in an olympic swimming scoop billiards (e) 7 kg of henry gas (f) a ton of atomic number 20 treat ? 7. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
What is the serving piece of music of oxygen in each(prenominal) of the by-line materials: (a) CO (b) CO2 (c) (NO3)- (d) isopropyl alcohol C3H8O (e) calcium nitrate (f) blue vitriol - Cu(SO4)5H2O ? 8. What is the share composition of phosphate in each of the following materials: (a) phosphoric acid (b) atomic number 11 carbonate (c) ammonium ion phosphate (d) calcium phosphate ? 9. What is the percentage composition of convert in each of the following materials: (a) sulfuric acid (b) sodium sulfate (c) Epsom salts ( d) aluminum sulfate ? 10. How many keep down no of electrons are there in 54g of H2O ? 11. impart no. of electrons present in 48g of Mg ? 12. 44g of a savor on complete combustion...If you want to regulate a full(a) essay, order it on our website:

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